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Our Customers

1 Yr old. He's such a good dog !!!
Three years ago I adoped Lady, a Jack Russell female from your kennel and I just wanted to let you guys know she is the sweetest Jack Russell I have ever owned. She is the first out of my Jacks to shower me with kisses. Today she turns 3, my baby is growing up. I just thought I would let you all know how much she is loved :), she is a goofball and a handful, but her sweetness is what makes her such a great dog.
Ashley D.

Hi Patty ...
Visited your site today and saw all the wonderful feedback from other customers. It prompted us to speak out. "Eloise", known here as "L.D. Weeds" or "LD" for short is a real treat. As you know, we bred JRTs for a decade and saw many, many puppies. None turned out as cute and sweet as this one. She's a joy. She loves everyone here and always makes us smile. None of her furry family ever get testy with her -- even though they can be very much so at times. Sending you an early and an 18-month photo.
North Reading, MA 3-18-15

This is the pup I got on Sept 22nd. I named him Griff. He is a terrific little buddy. I am so happy that his half brother will be moving to Montpelier as well! Thought you and your daughter might like to see some pictures.
Deb D.

E. Iagatta

Hello Patty,
This is Tyson. We got him April of 2012 and he is doing great! He really enjoys the snow, but he does not enjoy being around other dogs. He is a happy and energetic dog and loves chasing his tennis ball and chewing on water bottles. He is also very intelligent. Lee and I love him very much and are glad we picked him.
Lee and Kirsten 3-3-13

Hi Patty,
Here are some pictures of Greta, the welsh Terrier puppy we got from you this past summer. At eight months old she is thriving and such a joy! She loves people, all other animals, and outdoor adventures. We get comments about how cute she is wherever we go.
Shane and Whitney

I just wanted to let you know how much I love this little puppy Her name is Heather! Did you get a chance to mail her papers to me? My daughter wants to know if you have English bulldog pups and if so how much are they or when will you have them. Thank you again so much for my beautiful Pom.

We bought our Shiba Inu Allie last Jan. She's doing great! She loves the snow, and turns the heads of everyone she meets. She's a very happy, healthy, and energetic pup. We love her very much. Thank you for breeding such an exceptional dog.
John and Christine

Happy Holidays!
Thank you so much for these beautiful, happy Scotties! Dido (black), her brother Cameron (wheaton), Nancy, and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.
Best wishes,
Colin and Nancy Sargent

Last Janurary we adopted Cooper one of your corgi puppies. He is extremely affectionate and such a joy to have as part of the family. He enjoys herding the cats, playing soccer and running in the snow. We also found out he is a wonderful hiking and camping companion. We couldn't have asked for a better dog and he is very loved.

The Plourde's

This is Jasper. We bought him from Superior Kennels in May 2007. He was 7 yrs old. He was a breeding male. When we got him home it took him a while to get used to a new way of life, but he's adjusted well and has been a very loyal and trouble free dog. I just wanted to share with you that Jasper is well and if we ever need another dog we wouldn't hesitate to go back to Superior Kennels. Thanks for a great dog.

Vern Stevenson

Dear Patty,
An amazing pair of pups! Healthy, exceptionally friendly, trained in 6 weeks (without a Crate) wicked smart and they love everybody. All spayed at 6 months and under the care of a wonderful lady Vet from Houlton and, with “Auntie Gail’s monthly grooming in East Millinocket, they are surely pampered pets. Sue and I love them. Can’t imagine having just one though as they are entertainers !! Play time sounds like a den of angry Lions but, it is totally benign... never a yelp or any blood. Chloe is a Liver–Chocolate we are told and Mitzi, typical Schnauzer. Born August 2,2011, Dam: Daisy, Sire: Tucker.
Beautiful dogs Patty.
H. Archer

Just wanted to send ya a couple of holiday pics from "Princess Lyla". Hehehe!
Happy Halloween!
Rich and Denise Donahue

We miss Tully so very very much and it was like a morgue in here. I cried all week and John had lost his buddy. Two crazy people. So, now we have a puppy. He’s not Tully. He does have his own personality and with time I’m sure we’ll be as attached to him as we were to Tully and Humphrey. Millie isn’t too crazy about yet another “intruder” but hopefully she’ll accept him and play with him like she did with Tully. Tully was one of a kind, Patty, and he grew on us very quickly. I miss him so much and it’s just unfair to lose him so young. Your Welsh Terriers are such great dogs and so personable and full of life. You should be very proud. Thank you again for raising such great little dogs. Tully must have played with your sons because he knew how to play ball and bring it back. He was even catching the frisbee too and doing great. John was taking him everywhere with him and you should have heard the compliments. We were lucky to have had him for the too short time that we did and his loss is greatly felt.
Thanks again for everything.
Rachel & John Bell

Hello Patti
I just thought to send a pix of Otto, my 18 month old little boy. What a great little guy he’s grown into.
Thanx lots,
Peter Bishop

I just wanted to let you know that Hailey is now 10 months old, 79lbs, and a very happy and healthy girl! We are very please to have added her to our family! They boys love her and she is very gentle with them. She absolutely loves the water. Can't seem to keep her out of the kids' pool! :) She is very obedient and a very good natured dog. Also loves going for rides!
Thanks again, and we are recommending you to all our friends and family!
Andy & Hilary Severson

Just thought I'd let you Harry is doing extremely well. He's happy, healthy and goofy. Our other dog has really begun to connect with him in recent days. They fly around the property and wrestle like a couple of monkeys . Hope all is well with you. Thanks for providing a source for Welshes.
Jeff Houston

He is a very nice dog. I keep his hair short, it keeps him a little cooler.

E. Lamontagne

"Maxwell" and I will be in Vermont on the 21st of July for the weekend; his 3rd trip and we'll take some photos again. It's been hard to keep up with him. I weighed him today and at 4 months and 2 weeks he's already 20 pounds! He's certainly smarter than I am. He does sit, stay, come, speak, shake hands, roll over, walkies, down and back as well as "go to bed" into his kennel for the night. Amazing!

He's up to date on all his shots and the doc says he's in perfect health. He's just a wonderful pup.

Dave Bell

Patty, here are a couple pictures of our Rat Terrier, Ratchet, that we got from you. This is our third puppy from Superior Kennels and we are so very happy with him. We have gotten so many compliments on him. Ratchet gets along great with our 6yr old Chantel and our 9yr old Daisy the Boston Terrier. Our 9 chickens do not like him very much however. Once he gets use to them hopefully he will stop chasing them. LOL. Thanks again Patty, he is perfect.
The Mailhiot Family

Yesterday was Saidie Mae's 2nd birthday and she is doing wonderful! We absolutely love her to pieces. She is still a playful puppy and enjoys cuddling and playing with our other dogs. Its hard to believe 2 years have already past! Thank you for such a wonderful girl! Saidie is the one on the right.
Thank you,
Saidie Mae and the Barters

Hi Patty,
This is a picture of our Scooter. We unfortunately lost him the day after this picture was taken. I just want you to know that he was the best dog I have ever had. He was wonderful around our 3yr old grandson. Our grandson would put his hand right in the food dish while Scooter ate and Scoot would just back off and wait patiently until Zachary was done. He would have been 7 this year. He is greatly missed and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of him.
People would say that Scotties weren’t friendly, but your breed of Scotties was just the opposite. He was friendly and playful and just loving. We will be by again for another, but not right away. I think it’s hard to replace such a wonderful dog. We are both checking the available pups monthly just in case and you never know when we will be ready.
We both would highly recommend anyone interested in buying a Scottie pup to stop by and see yours. Thank you again.
Bob and Mary Jo K.

Jack Russel Terrier just purchased

Good Morning....
Just to let you know she is everything we hoped for. Monday afternoon she came to her name, Pixie on the first call and it has been like that since. Only two small tinkles and one was my fault. Otherwise she goes right out and does all her business. Monday night she mastered the 2 steps into the den, both up and down. Yesterday she mastered the three steps to the deck. Also yesterday afternoon, our Sheltie has finally decided she could be lots of fun and they have been playing together. No problem with feeding, the Sheltie doesn't bother her dish and she doesn't bother the Sheltie's dish. It's almost like she knew all the rules before she came!
Thank you and your children again,
Doris D.

Hello Patty,
Just wanted to let you know my little Ginger turned 1 today, she is such a pretty little thing we just love her so. Here is a picture of her swimming on one of her walks with my husband.
Thanks again Patty,
Thelma and Jay P.

I wanted to send you pictures of Daisy for so long now and let you know she is the love of our life. Only thing she does not like is dog food. But she is healthy and has a personality of her own. We trained her to ring the bell to go out and she is so cute when she does it. She weighs 10lbs I thought she would be smaller, but we love her to pieces.
Again thank you for her.
D. Walker

Thank you ...... Rocco is his new name and everything checked out ok at the vet .... He did fall off the couch and fractured his head, but all is good with him now.
Thanks again,
James M.

Hi Patty!
This is a pic of Lyla that I took this morning. She is doing well. She started puppy school the Friday after we got her...hahaha, she is TRYING to learn her manners. Actually, she's pretty smart and very comical. Just thought you might like to see a pic of her.
Thanks again,
Rich and Denise D.

Hi Patty,
I'm sure you don't remember, but I bought a Carin Terrier Male in 2000 his name was Skye. Skye passed away September 28, 2011 it was the saddest day of my life. He was such a loyal companion to me and the sweetest boy ever. He gave us 11-1/2 years of joy, love and many many laughs. We thank you for him and now we are ready to move on and purchase another Carin Terrier. Can you tell me when you will have a litter or two?
P. Shaw
< Hi Patty, just wanted you to know that MaisieMae, we picked up on Jan 15th, is doing very well here with us. She loves the outdoors and the snow. She has brought new life into our home and we have fallen head over heals for her! Thanks for a wonderful little pup she is so smart and has learned to potty on command!
P. Shaw

Just thought I'd update you on how Maisie Mae is doing...she is the perfect Cairn Terrier and such a loving girl! We could not be more in love with this bundle of joy! Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! We tell everyone about your kennel and the great dogs you breed.
8-1-12 >

Hi Patty..just an update on Maisie Mae she is now 13 months old and is doing extremely well. She just loves living on the farm and loves to go all over the place! She is totally attracted to wild rabbits and tries to chase them, but the rabbits always win! Thanks again for such a wonderful pup. I understand my friend Delora is looking to buy one of your mini poodles..I know she will love the pup as much as we love ours!
12-26-12 >

This is Lucy at ten weeks old, very active smart and beautiful. So happy we have her. Thanks again.
S. Luce

Here's some pictures of Chevy he's getting so big. He has our 8yr old Daisy acting like a puppy again. She has come out of her anxiety and depression from losing Harley thanks to Chevy.
Jess and Rob Mailhiot

< Patti,
I just saw a picture of Brady's sibling. How cute. This is Brady's birthday picture 3-38-12. He is such a joy. He keeps our 14 yr. cairn young.
M. Ross-Targett

Patty, >
Brady is such a joy. We just love him. I'm glad I found your kennel last April.
M. Ross-Targett

Molly will be 8 months old soon and is a big girl at 62 pounds. She loves to run on our three acre lot and play soccer. She has developed a curly haired strip down her back apparently from her ancestors. It makes her special and unique. She is lovable and wants to please. She sits, lays, shakes paws, barks to go out and come in, and has several other human like behaviors. She wants to be around us all the time, we love her a lot. She is a great dog.
Well done Patty.
Sylvia & Dick


Hey Patty,

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our 2 mini schnauzers we took home in February 2011. They are the perfect additions to our family! They love to play fetch and snuggle on the couch. It's also wonderful to receive so many compliments their good looks and pleasant demeanor! Zoey is black (tucker/jade) and Sophie is gray (tucker/daisy).
Best of luck with everything!
The Macs


< Napoleon is one years old now and we could not love him any lesser. He is full of energy and speed. A 100% mommy's boy.

Hello, Your scotties are extremely beautiful and smart. I have so many compliments on Napoleon. I want a black one this time.
Take care,

Hello, >
I just wanted to thank you for our newest Scottish Terrier, Duncan. He fits in well with our family, and is enjoying his new "sisters." Chloe(black scottie) and Nellie(on top of the chair) He has so much personality, and is very smart! He was just groomed in the pictures, gotta love the ears! Take care,
Lori & Joe Tripp
Dedham, Maine

< I've been meaning to send a picture of Duncan on his 1st birthday, so here it is. He was the last one picked from the litter born on 3-28-11, and we love him to pieces! Thanks again,
Lori & Joe


Just wanted to give you an update on the 2 Jack Russell's we got from you back at the end of January. Bella and Dexter are doing great. They are really good dogs and listen well. Training was pretty easy. They do not need to be tied up and come when they are called. Funny thing is I didn't think Jack Russells like the water that much but they sure love fetching sticks out of the river. We also have a pool which they don't mind cooling off in either. As you can see from the picture they also enjoy stealing our chairs to relax by the pool.

Thanks again,
Gregoire's 8-8-11

Hi Patty,
We bought a mini poodle from you back in January, his parents were Shaggy Doo and Princess. We absolutely love him to death and would love to get him a new playmate! Thank you for making such great puppies and we can't wait to hear from you!!

C. Hopps

Hi Patty,
Just a quick note to let you know how loved and happy Molly is. She likes to watch the fish. Here she is at 10 weeks and 5 months. We were impressed with how active and healthy all your puppies were and appreciate the variety and prices you offer.
The Croteaus

I just wanted to say thank you for my little girl, she is so perfect. We renamed her Ginger, my husband thought she looked like the color of ginger. She has alot to learn and we are working on it, she is so smart already. If and when we ever need a new pup I surely will think of you, Thank you so much.
Thelma and Jay Pooler
Scottish Terrier

Molly is getting to be a big girl now at 40 Lbs. She is very smart and loves all the people who come to visit. At times she can be a devil and likes to play keep-a-way with things she knows she shouldn’t have. We have lots of fun and love her deeply, thanks.
Molly’s Clan

Hi Patty,
Just to let you know Napoleon settled down fine. He is slowly showing the terrier side of him but he loves people so much. He slept thru the first night at home and currently sleeping on the dog bed next to me while we are watching TV. We love him dearly, thank you.
Scottish Terrier

Hi Patty,
I just wanted to let you know that Brady is doing quite well and we have only had him a few days. He was quiet and shy for about one day. He now walks around like he is King Tut. He tries to intimidate our 14 year old cairn, but that Dickens just ignores him. To my surprise he is also taking well to the potty training. We are very happy with new "King Tut".
Mary Etta
Scottish Terrier puppy

Good Morning Patty!
It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since we brought Bruno home. He's doing very well and is a smart little puppy! He's into biting and chewing this is getting better though. He is everything and more than we could have hoped for a puppy.
< 5-22-11

Here's Bruno at just about 5 months old. He's changed so much. Everyone asks us if we shave his face. He is a rambunctious puppy! We absolutely Love him!
8-06-11 >

Again, Thank-you!
Anita and Dee

Hi Patty
It's me, Joan Paul(1st Brussels Griffon=Bumble 2nd Brussels Griffon=Snarla) the dogs are great, Snarla now lives with my husband's son and wife(she is their BABY,they fell in love....) So, I am writing to ask you to please keep me in mind if you ever are looking to place an adult. And if there ever is a relative of Bumble I would kill for it(not literally). He is the best dog I have ever had, and is really laid back, so I think a "more mature" dog would fit his personality. I know the last time I asked you had just placed an adult, so keep me in mind if the situation ever arises. Again, your dogs have made 2 familes very happy.

Hello -
Logan has grown so much since we picked him up at your kennel. He is a great dog with a wonderful personality. He has already learned sit and stay. Of course he'll do anything for a yogurt treat. We will send more current photos soon.
Gil & Tina Lapointe

UPDATE 4/18/11     >
Logan (3/21/09) is now 2 and seems to have topped off at 34 lbs. He loves to have his picture taken. It might have something to do with flash = treat, but I don't know.

When he's not trying to get someone to chase him or tracking whatever scent he's found (you would swear he's part bloodhound) he's content to curl up in a blanket and snuggle.

Hi Patty,
Sorry I haven’t been in touch sooner, but I just wanted to let you know that our Westie pup is doing great! He is getting a lot of love and getting along great with our two year old cat. The kids named him Bode after the Olympic skier Bode Miller. You are going to laugh, because this quiet, mellow pup turned out to be a barker. We are getting used to his barking. Our first Westie never barked, and so they are all different. And Bode is the complete opposite of Marley, but we love him just the same. So much that he has been sleeping with my husband and me, since the day I brought him home. I will try to send you another picture, this one is blurry and a few weeks old. Bode has doubled his size and his ears are standing straight up. He needs to grow into those ears.
Take care,
Noel B.

Hi Patty,
Thank you so much for our wonderful Boston Terrier puppy, Miles (son of Mocha and Reba). He is 5 months old now and he is so beautiful, smart and loving. He loves to snuggle and has such a great temperament. Attached is a current picture of him!
Thanks so much for breeding such a great little guy!
V. Gauthier

Retired Cairn Terrier enjoying the good life!
L. Iriana

Molly has been with us for a year this month. I’m sending a graduation picture. She has graduated from first level and second level. She knows all of her commands and does them very well, but chooses when she hears them. She is still an active puppy although she looks sophisticated.
B MacGown

Hi Patty,
I wanted to send you a quick message to say that we love our puppy - son of Mocha and Reba. He is well behaved, smart, and a perfect family pet. Thanks again. Attached is a picture of Ozzy - now 4 months old.
K. Provo
Woburn, MA

Hi Patty,
Here are a few shots of the puppy in her new home. Our daughters love her. She likes to jump around and play. Starting wiht the potty training today, and also coming up with a name!
P. Dubik

Purchased Wire Fox Terrier on 1-30-11.
L. Witchley

Hi Patty,
I wanted to update you on my little Westie, Angus, who came to live with us nearly a year ago. He has grown into a very nice young dog. He went through puppy classes very easily and was and is loved by his teacher and fellow puppy students. He has quite a big personality and greets every person and dog that he meets. He enjoys two walks to the beach with me each day where he plays with his dog friends and human friends. He even has his own kitty, Ozzie, who came to live with him last August. I've attached a few photos of Angus and one with his kitty. I can say without a doubt that he has a very nice life here in Mass. Thank you for breeding such a great dog!!
V. Tyler 2/23/11

Hi there!
Just giving you an update on the Welsh Terrier we purchased from you for Christmas. Her name is Java and we call her Javabean. She is great! She is full of fun and lots of energy! This is a picture of her before one of our weekly snowshoeing adventures. Java is one of the happiest puppies we have every seen! She is a rugged little dog that is willing to go along with just about anything! She brings a smile to everyone's faces. She gets along great with our St. Bernard/Newfoundland. She enjoys playing and especially enjoys being outdoors. My son has built snow tunnels for Java to investigate and she loves running through them as she taunts the big dog! Thanks for breeding such a happy, confident, smart breed!
D. Goodman 2/08/2011

I had the most wonderful experience of purchasing a mini schnauzer from you. I have to say she is soooo calm and loving, with the best temperament. Now a great friend of mine wants one. I told them about you and your kennel. I was wondering if you had any pure black, female puppies available now or possible litters in the future. My baby is 4 and she is black and silver. Thank you again for being so conscientious about your breeding of these animals.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Julie Salemi


I bought your Welsh Terrier from you on January 8th. Here is a picture of her now. She is 3 months old. My granddaughters named her Lily Marie. She is loveable and getting better on doing her busy outside and not in the house or her cage. We are planning on having her spayed within the next 2 months.

Thank You
D. Waycott

Just a little update on our precious, Tallula Jane (Tullie). Today, she is 2 years. 3 Months. AND she is still a PUPPY! She is such a good girl and fullfills our days with joy. She ALWAYS has to get the last word in and she only barks when someone comes to the door. She thinks every person who comes to our home, comes to visit her. She is a true lovebug.
From all of us here in Hudson, Merry Merry Christmas
John and Paulette Ferland


Just letting you know that we named the Miniature Pinscher pup we purchased from you, Lily, and she's our lil bundle of joy. A wicked cuddle bug due to me (Jennifer). She's doing well with the training and going outdoors. She's got such a great personality as well, always loving and playful. Ryan and I got offered 1,100 dollars for her. We said "no way". We tried to give the couple that offered up the money your information, but they just loved how Lily's personality was. Hope all is going well. If you have a cell phone and can recieve pictures or snail mail address we will keep you updated.

Thanks again for everything,
Ryan, Jennifer and Lily

I wanted to thank you so much for the great puppies. In August 2009 we took a Black and then a chocolate lab puppy home. (now 16 months old). Both are doing great and we get more compliments on their beauty and lovely disposition. They are the ones that ALL the dogs want to play with. Roux the black one is quiet, loving and likes to watch football. Boone the chocolate is quite active, loves to play ball and looks like his dad. Together they are PERFECT. Thanks again.
Dan & Pat O'Maley

Retired 6 yr male Jack Russell

Bert is doing just fine. He loves playing with our female Daisy, they do everything together. Daisy has shown him how to be a couch potato. No problems with the potty training, he goes out when Daisy goes out. We are getting him used to car rides, but everything is going great with him.
Valerie T.


Just wanted you to know how Storm was doing. She is beautiful, fiesty and growing like a weed. She comes to work with me everyday and is spoiled rotten. I love her to death. Thanks.

J. Mendelsohn

Hey Patty,

Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that Annie is doing wonderful!!! She loves to shop at the pet store after she peed on the floor that is!!! She thinks all the treats here are a great thing after she kills it first!!! The trainer at the pet shop said that she would make an excellent service dog. They were also so impressed on how well mannered she is!! She knows what pee run means and still working on the poop part!! She loves the leash and the grass. So thank you sooooo much for a great dog!!

Retired Cairn Terrier--7 yrs


Boy is Duncan ever a riot already! I took them in the backyard today & he grabbed Annie's lead with her attached and started pulling it with his teeth. He definitely takes the lead! I already see confidence, big curiosity, playfullness, eager to explore & lots of smarts. Not long after we got Annie, I noticed that she was smarter than any other dog I ever had. It must be the breed. I can tell that Duncan will play head games with me as he gets older. He's going to bring 'life' back into me :) We really love him already. Annie was very jealous once we got home last night. She snapped at him a couple times & the poor little thing was so scared. We corrected Annie with a stern voice & it worked. No problems today.

J. Jewers

Hello Superior Kennels:

Thank you so much for our beautiful puppy, she was the perfect choice for our family. She is doing very well and having a great time with our son and cats. We named her Saidie Mae.

Thank You again,
Saidie and the Gilligan-Barters

Hello Superior Kennels:

Please meet my little bundle of joy, Sneaky. He's a non-stop energetic Jack Russell we bought back in 2007. We drove all the way to Arundel, Maine from New York city to get the 2-month Jack Russell I fell in love with on the website. Sneaky's favorite things are anything that includes eating and playing.
PS: he also likes corn (please see picture).

Belkys & Eldon

Hi Patty,

Just wanted to share a picture of Shultz with you, he has been with us now for 2 months and has become such a loved member of the family. He was very easy to train, has a few accidents now and then, but he is still a puppy. He is very energetic, he loves to play, swim and ride in the car. I think next week we will see if he like to ride in the boat.

Thanks again,
Theresa P.

Hi Patty,

Dixie is doing great! Thought I'd send a picture along to show you how CUTE she is! Hope all is well and you are getting to go camping in all this heat! Will keep you posted.


(a Snorkie)

Hi Patty,

Hope your new human is doing well (you were pregnant when we bought Mr.Buster a little better than a year ago). He is a handsome companion, a bit feisty-but most terriers are and he can hold his own to our Airedale - 3x's his size and also occasionally sleeps on the pillow next to my head!! They get along like brothers but prior to having Mr.Buster neutered, you may wish to see what a picture perfect Welsh he represents. Romeo and Rosie produced a wonderful litter. I would be interested in possible stud services if you are aware of any interest. I can send photos or do a trip to Maine-it's not to far and Mr.Buster doesn't mind a travel--HE CAMPS!!

Suzanne B.

Hi Patty,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to you and let you know that Meesha is doing great. She is 13 weeks on July 11th and frisky as ever. She is a love bug and enjoys being around my daughter and I all the time. She loves car rides, walking on the beach along with sun bathing, going in the ocean (just her feet right now) and loves to play. Meesha is doing well with the potty training, no more messing in her crate @ all since the 1st week we brought her home and tells us when she wants to go outside, just a couple of accidents here and there. I can't Thank You enough for having this litter of puppies because Meesha is a great addition to our family and a great breed with a lot of smarts. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying life!

Thanks again,
Heather M.


Hi Patty,
Rocco is dog well. He's a funny little dude! He had his first bath and seemed to like it! He is getting more comfortable with the family.... the house training is going to be a long haul tho, he seems to be a bit strong willed. I am thinking that once he is neutered the "marking" will subside. We love him already. I will try to remember to keep you posted. I welcome your emails anytime.

L. Iriana
Retired Cairn Terrier

Hi Patty,
I wanted to let you know how Abbey is doing. Yes, she is WAY shy, but she is doing a little better every day. She follows me around off leash when she is outside. We've been for a couple of walks and she seems to enjoy it a little more each time. This morning she even worked up the nerve to check out the cat, but he let her know that it's not a good idea. lol. Mostly she likes to lay on the couch which is what she is doing right now. Thank you so much for her, she's such a sweetie.

S. Brewer

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Patches who we adopted last October. He just had his first visit to the groomer and was well behaved. He is very energetic and loves to play.

The Fleischers

Hi there,
I just wanted to drop you a note and some photos of our little girl, Scout. She is a Jack Russell. I came down and picked her up on Mothers Day two years ago this year. She just turned two years old and is the best girl! She is game for anything we dish out whether it be ice fishing or kayaking. She is such a joy and I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her in my life! We love her!

Laurie G.

Just wanted to let you know that Lily, a boston terrier that was born on March 21 2009 at your kennel ( a year ago today!) is a great dog. She weighs 25 pounds and has a nose that can track down everything! She is very curious about a cat that lives next to us too. She also loves to chew everything and anything, like our daughter's snuggie, but is a lovely addition to our family.

Hope all is well,
Tim, Sue, and Sarah G.

Just wanted to let you know that Gryffin, the Welsh Terrier puppy we took home in December is thriving out here in San Francisco! He is already well known on his "walk route" in our neighborhood, and has lots of spunk and personality. He loves to go to the beach and is quite cuddly when he finally settles down. He's also very intelligent-- he usually learns new tricks by the third try. We hear many compliments on how adorable he is!
Hope all is well in Maine!

Emily and Rocky

Just wanted to give you an update on Sadie. She is doing wonderful and we are enjoying her so much. She loves the outdoors and going for walks. Sadie was very easy to train. She knows sit, stay, come, lay down, and roll over. Sadie loves everyone she meets, but she also thinks she is a little watch dog! She likes to play with her toys and running outside with the kids. Sadie is a real sweetheart! Thanks to much for breeding such a obedient and intelligent dog.

Jennifer M.

Morgan & Marley
The girls got their first haircut today so I thought I'd share the family photo. They are truly double trouble but we love them both. They each have individual personalities and Marley, who was the runt, is definitely in charge! We still miss Baylee but these two have livened up the house. They still don't like being apart but if one is geting attention the other one wants it. Just wanted to give you an update. Take care.
Deb and Terry Goding
Auburn, Maine

This is Nala!!
She is now 1 year old weighting about 22lbs. She is a very playful pup with a mind of her own and a powerful set of lungs. She is my first dog and certainly won't be my last. Thank you for breeding such a great dog.
Kellie & Tim P.

Good Morning,
Thank you very much yesterday for all your help getting my beautiful puppy. (The Westshire female) My husband just loves her and I swear has barely put her down, she even went to work with him today. I think she has been spoiled already with all her new toys and sweaters; he has named her Maggie May. I loved your facility and thought the puppies were very clean and well cared for I would recommend you to any of my friends, and I have a feeling come this spring you’ll be seeing my brother for a puppy. Have a very great holiday season and once again thank you.
J. Currier
Oxford, ME

Here is a photo of Bruschi. We purchased him from you almost two years ago now and he is the best dog we have ever had. He was a quick learner and so well behaved. Thank you for the greatest dog ever!!
Tim & Jamie

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how Buster is doing and to THANK YOU for breeding such great dogs. I cannot tell you how much we love Buster and how he fits right into our family … especially given our daughter’s fear of dogs. It helped so much that we were able to visit him prior to him being ready to come home. She absolutely loves him. Our Rotty was 13 when we got Buster so it had been a while since we had a puppy in the house which made us a little nervous but he has been so easy to train. Our Rotty passed away about a month after we got Buster and he has made it much easier for us to deal with her loss as he is so loving and gives us so many laughs. Thank you again.

The Rickers

I wanted to send you a recent picture of Charlie, who is now about 36 pounds and still seems to be growing.
Enjoy and thanks!
Joe & Amber & Charlie

I got my little Vivian back in June and she is now 6 months and doing great! She is certainly full of it, but she has brought so much joy to our house. We can't even imagine not having her. She has become part of the family and we are very thankful for our little Westie.
Miranda P.

I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying the Westie we bought from you almost four weeks ago. Our little Sadie seemed to just fit right in to our family. She sits and stays but still has some accidents in the house, but other than that she is perfect. We were so excited when we found someone who bred Westies in Maine. We really did not want to have her shipped, but when we found you it was just perfect. Thanks again for the new little addition to our family.
Thank you,
Jennifer M.

Tucker is doing fabulous, he is learning fast and can sit, give paw and somewhat lay down. He is Kennel trained so every night at about 8pm he goes happily in his kennel and sleeps there till early am. Sometimes he still has accidents in the house, but we are getting there. He loves the beach and water, he dives right into it.
Thank you,

Katie is just the most perfect little girl, she has learned, sit, stay, lie down, shake , give me 5 and give me 10. She was crate trained 2 weeks after we brought her home to NH. She housebroke very easily. Her cat is just so great, they sleep together wrestle, play and just enjoy each other. Thank you again for such a wonderful socialized little pup.
Gail Davis

UPDATE 12/10/11   >
Here is an update on my westie "Katie" she is just superior! We just love her, so sweet and smart. Very social. This is her Santa suit. She is 2 + and so loving. Thank you so much.

UPDATE 1/25/12   ^

Just want you to see my Nubble...he's almost 4 now!!! He is my KING!!! You bred him well!!!
Thank you.

Scottish Terrier shipped to NY
Thank you very much for your professionalism.
Here is Billy, he is in the best hands.
E. Rengifo
East Elmhurst, NY

I have never considered myself a “dog person” but I am NOW after purchasing my first puppy from you last Spring.

Its been a year and I wonder how I made it all this time without Chloe Sophia Darling! Chloe & her sister Daisy (which my friend got soon after) get groomed together and enjoy their play dates. Admittedly Chloe is the most spoiled rotten canine in the U.S. I cannot say enough good things about her. I take her wherever I go and she is everybodys favorite too. Thank you for converting me to that pathetic dog spoiler person I used to make fun of! I can never go back!

On another note… it seems that I haven’t seen any mini schnauzers on your website when I have checked on occasion. Have you stopped breeding these sweethearts? I have a couple people that I referred to Superior Kennels after they fell in love with Chloe. Hope they find their way to you. I on the other hand cannot accompany anyone there as I fear I have no will power to avoid another bundle of joy returning home with me! I have more pictures of Chloe than I do any other pets I own! She gets along with Diesel like they have been together all along… life is good.


Brenda Ramsell
Birch Ridge Photography
E. Waterboro, Maine

Reitred 7 yr female Beagle.

Libby is doing great! I think she may be in a bit of shock...lots of people and lots to do. She is really warming up to our family. She is very precious and her eyes are so loving. We really appreciate you allowing her to become part of our family!


Rired 7 yr female Lhasa Apso.

Ivy is doing great. She is adjusting to her new home good. She loves to sleep on the bed - at the foot of bed at night. She loves to ride in the back seat and is doing very well with that. She goes everywhere with us.

Thank you,
Melody A. and Pat E.

This is Brody, he's 14 lbs now, loves kids, basically just a very happy, and very loved dog. He was born 9/11/08
Thank you,
Roland Thurlow

Here's Hans

He is getting big! And he is such an awesome dog! A few pics of when we first got him and how he looks now.

Dani & Ryan

Well, we just had to say a few words about our beautiful baby we got from you. We named her Tallulah Jane. We call her "Tullee". She is three months old today.

She is growing like a weed. Presently, I am working with her to learn how to sit and speak. She does pretty good inside the house with her obedience training but outside is another story :) She thinks outside is for play and keeping away from Mom and Dad :) We are keeping her on a leash for awhile outside.

After saying good-bye to our other 14 year old miniature schnauzer, we never thought we could fall in love again, but we have! Thank you! She is a complete joy in our lives.

John and Paulette Ferland
Hudson, Maine

Kramer says Happy Holidays! He is the greatest! I look forward to adding little Cosmo to our family. Thank you so much.

PS: The Teddy in the picture he carries everywhere and sleeps with it. He has the biggest, affectionate personality I have ever seen. We are very happy with him!

Steve & Lisa

In 2004 my daughter bought a Min Pin from your Kennel that was one of the best pets we ever owned.

Last November, I lost my little 2 1/2 lb Maltese, Zachary. The runt of the litter, Zack had many health problems, and I was told he would not live more than a year or two. I was lucky enough to have him 7 wonderful years. At the time I swore never again to let one of these fur babies into my heart, because the pain of losing him was so hard to bear. He was really a great and lovable mutt.

Having gotten such a great quality dog from your kennel, I recently went against my original oath of not ever having another dog, I figured it wouldn't hurt to take a peak at what you have to offer. Besides, my house is very lonely without the pitter patter of little paws! I am looking for another Maltese, or a Shitzu. I also like Yorkies, Papillions and long haired chiauhuas. Would you please keep me posted if you plan on breeding these types of dogs?

Missy, the cutest dog in the world. Thank you giving us such a lovely and wonderful little girl!

Janice Burpee

Here is a picture of Sammy. We purchased him from you almost five years ago. He is just a delight. So intelligent and happy, we just love him so much.

My daughter lives in Manhattan and would like a Yorkie. Would you have any available in the near future? Please let me know when.

Sharon and Benny Binette
Bradley, ME

I just wanted to give you an update on Moogie (mow.gie), our Jack Russell Puppy! We named him after Andy Moog one of our favorite Boston Bruins!!

He is wonderful! We just love him! Thank you so much!

He loves his toys and his fireside sleepytime spot. He has definitely brought happiness to our home. His favorite bedtime is under the covers in bed with us. He is happy and very healthy and has won over everyone at the local vet down here. His first visit, everyone fell in love with him!

I couldn't imagine my life without the little guy. I've attached a recent Photo of Moogie relaxing on his fireside pillow.

Again thank you so much You bring a lot of happiness to homes all around, doing what you do!

Brittany and Anthony
Pembroke, Massachusetts

The first picture is of "Uncle Spoda" with his new nephews Buster (on the left) and Kramer (in front). They are getting along very well. Buster and Kramer are very friendly and are starting to learn tricks and commands already, what smart dogs. They both have great, but different personalities and for us we would not have any other breed of dog. They are 99% house broken already and love to sit and watch TV at night with us although they do usually fall asleep very quickly. We are very happy with all three of your dogs, they are just outstanding!

Tom and Kris

Henry (Bruno)- Lola and Brutis's pup
Still bold and healthy-true Chihuahua. 5.5 years old, 6lbs, camping in Belfast {7-08}
Thanks again!

Karen Burke-Hill

I got a female Yorkie puppy from you about 2 months ago now and I just wanted to let you know she's doing great!! Her name is Aussie and she is a little sweetheart. She is now a little over 3 pounds and is changing to a nice silver color where all her black was. I've also attached a couple pictures for you to see...
Thanks for such a great puppy!!!

Nicole Neville & Aussie

Just wanted to send a photo and note to let you know how "Abby" our rat terrier is doing. We actually named her before we saw that her mother's name was delightful Abbey Wynds. Weird, but meant to be I think. She is a wonderful little dog and a good addition to our family. She and my boxer, Ginger, get along great as you can see from the photos.
Thanks again.
Tammy, Kevin, and Brandon

Attached are photos of one of your puppies born on 8-15-06. We purchased her on 10-21-06 and love her more and more every day. We named her Baylee Lyn Diamond and she makes us laugh daily. She has such personality - we just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. She's only a little spoiled! We are so lucky to have her. Thank you.
Terry and Deb Goding
Auburn, Maine

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for Mackezie, our Cairn Terrier puppy we got from you. He's been a wonderful addition to our lives and we love him. He's healthy and very smart. Here is a picture of him at 9 months hiking with us near our home in San Marcos, CA.
Al & Lisa Mackenzie
San Marcos, CA

We just thought you might like to see a picture of Lira. This was taken at about 4 months. She just graduated from puppy classes and is a very smart little doggy. We love her very much. Thanks again.

A little over a year ago I purchased from you a Pug named Henry. I thought you'd be happy to know that he has adjusted just fine to his new home in Brooklyn. He is an absolute delight, and is so popular in the neighborhood that most local shopkeepers and bartenders have made an exception to the usual "no dogs" rule.
Frank Koughan
Brooklyn, NY

Thought you might enjoy seeing recent pictures of Chloe. She is big like her daddy. She weighs 17#s! We certainly are happy with her.
Vanessa & Jim

We are having so much fun with Ben and Willow. They are the best little dogs - our pride and joy. Thanks again! We'll stop by sometime so that you can see your finest puppies grown into the very best pets. We love them so!!
Dave & Pam

Timmie Willie is doing a fine job of growing up. Thanks for such a wonderful pup.
Bruce & Lee Collins

We certainly are enjoying Maya. She's quite a character. We love her very much.
Pam & Rob Moore
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